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The program is designed by AWS experts and informed by companies looking for the in-demand skills and hands-on experience this program provides. The foundational certificate requires basic knowledge of IT services and how they are used in the AWS platform and a minimum of six months’ work experience with AWS cloud systems in a sales, managerial, purchase, technical, or financial capacity. Other senior-level certifications can require passing other exams, work experience, or additional criteria. In some cases, you may need to demonstrate proficiency in a high-level programming language and the ability to create functioning applications that involve AWS components.

aws cloud engineer certification

Resumes are not accepted as a substitute for information required by the renewal application. Your preference for Azure over AWS or vice versa may depend on your specific needs and experiences. Some prefer Azure for its seamless integration with Microsoft products, while others may find AWS’s extensive service offerings more appealing. Consider your project requirements and comfort with the platform when making a choice. Computer requirements are determined by each specific curriculum track.

AWS News and Releases: Keeping Your Team Current

Per Scholas will train you if you are new to tech or looking to advance your existing skills. As an alumni, you also gain access to tuition-free continuous upskilling to support your career growth once you’re employed. The Google IT Support Professional Certificate introduces learners to troubleshooting, customer service, networking, operating systems, system administration and security. While these courses may include either intermediate or advanced material, technical knowledge specified in these listings will be required as a prerequisite for applicants to be considered for admission.

During the onboarding process, we will review each learner’s needs on a case-by-case basis. If you have any concerns about your situation, please elevate to the admissions team during the admissions process. Receive complimentary access to practice and full exams for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification, unlocking your career potential to showcase your job readiness to employers. Hybrid courses allow flexibility for learners to participate in the course remotely or in-person based on several factors.

Exam retirement: AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty

Executives will also learn how to create a data-driven culture and how AWS can help enhance your organization’s capacity to use data effectively. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me or our team of knowledgeable reps. For training preparation on all 12 (now soon to be 13!) AWS certifications, I encourage you to browse our entire library of AWS certification content. This domain will assess your ability to use AWS services to analyze your data, ensuring data quality as you automate the processing of your data.

More advanced and high-level certifications often result in executive positions with higher salaries. Fundamental certificates tend to cover basic concepts and be designed for entry-level roles requiring less technical expertise. The list below outlines relevant job titles and their respective average salaries. It is designed to validate your AWS knowledge across security topics such as data protection and encryption, infrastructure security, incident response, identity, and access management, monitoring and logging. This certification is the most popular AWS certification overall for tech team leaders, as it provides a solid foundation in AWS cloud computing.

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Only you can answer the question of the best AWS certification for your career, but there are some clues for you to follow, of course. Consider the jobs you hope to secure in the future and then work backward to see which path would logically lead to more opportunities. The following certifications are often recommended for those trying to position themselves for entry-level cloud-related jobs.

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