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15 Marketing Manager Skills For Your Resume

Learning this skill involves understanding the different social media platforms, social listening, growing your brand’s reputation, lead generation, and more. You can expect to take six to eight years to become a marketing manager after completing your undergraduate degree. In addition to a four-year degree, many employers prefer three to five years of experience in sales, marketing or related fields before landing a management position. Some of the highest paying jobs have titles such as chief marketing officer or vice president of marketing. According to BLS, some of the highest paying marketing jobs are in the oil and gas extraction industry, where the mean salary of a marketing manager is $213,920. As the position title suggests, a marketing manager is a management position that will not only require knowledge through your coursework, but years of experience in the field in entry-level positions as well.

With many jobs using team chat tools to communicate, it is easy to reach out to grab a coffee or have an informal 15-minute Zoom meeting. While portfolios may not be required in a job application, having one can distinguish you from a pool of applicants with similar education and job experience. Portfolios can be especially helpful for brand communications or strategist roles to illustrate your creativity. You need to be able to motivate, inspire, and guide your marketing team, as well as communicate effectively with other stakeholders. You also need to be able to delegate tasks, manage resources, resolve conflicts, and provide feedback.

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Hitting all the top job requirements with your skills list will help you rank highly for a keyword search within an applicant tracking system. Focus on readability by using bullet points and short phrases to present your skills. Properly organize your resume into education, experience, and skills sections.

  • They’ll need to identify the right teams, and convince them of the benefits to the business and intended customers.
  • A deep understanding of customer needs and SEO principles are also two top marketing skills that marketing managers should have at the ready when beginning any project.
  • These are skills that relate to your direct knowledge of how to do a specific process or task.
  • Marketing involves working with ideas—and improving them in order to reach new and existing customers—so all marketing roles require creativity to some extent.
  • You can build your technical skills by learning the basics of marketing or enhance your workplace skills with courses such as Leadership for Marketing, Intercultural Management, or Leading People and Teams.

Having strong organizational skills is essential to success since managers need to meet goals and deadlines. The median annual salary for a marketing manager in the US was $135,030, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics [1]. How much you make will depend on where you live, what company you work for, and what industry you work in, among other factors. Marketing managers working in scientific, technical, and professional services tend to draw the biggest salaries. According to Built In, a marketing manager’s average base salary in the U.S. is $88,850 as of 2022.

Leadership skills

That’s why featuring self-directed learning skills is essential for demonstrating your fitness for the job. Recruiters look for marketing managers who can make bold decisions and take responsibility for all actions and outcomes. So, content creation is the answer to meeting those needs and helping customers solve their problems. This skill set includes everything from content research, formatting, writing, and publishing. Let’s Get Optimized, a SEO company in Toronto reveals 25 highly sought-after marketing skills to help you leap ahead of your competition.

Marketing manager skills

Below, we’ve listed 16 product management skills that employees are looking for when hiring a PM in 2023. Networking can be an intentional, even enjoyable practice of connecting with people in marketing who inspire you. One way to do this is on the job by getting to know your colleagues outside of the professional setting.

Project Manager vs Product Manager: The Difference Explained

Marketing managers are ubiquitous in the professional world; they can be found across nearly every industry and in every size and type of company. Though their job descriptions and years of professional experience may differ, marketing managers serve as the bridge between a company and their audience. If a company has a product or service to sell, they need marketing managers to do it.

Marketing manager skills

Continue reading to find out what skills a marketing manager needs to be successful in the workplace. By following the steps above, marketing managers can develop a strong sense of empathy and build a more collaborative and effective team. Plus, with the right tools, they can more effectively guide teams and keep projects progressing at maximum productivity.

What is cause marketing?

Marketing managers must pair an expert-level, well-rounded marketing skill set with strong leadership and collaboration abilities. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that there will be an average of 35,000 marketing jobs open each year from 2021 to 2031. If you want to explore more about marketing, consider earning a Social Media Marketing or Marketing Analytics Professional Certificate from industry leaders at Meta. Build the marketing skills employers are looking for as you learn at your own pace from anywhere with an internet connection. Learn more about industry-recognized social media marketing certifications.

Marketing manager skills

You can also find a high level of satisfaction as a marketing manager, since you have limitless options for which organizations and industries you work in, allowing you to pursue an area you’re passionate about. In Hutson’s case, she says, “I adore higher education.” She especially loves her work because she’s passionate about the mission of serving working adults at the University of Phoenix. Plus, even if you don’t find something you love right away, marketing is constantly evolving so you might find your “home” in a new field that has yet to emerge.

Some associations focus specifically on advertising, public relations, or internet marketing, while others are identity-based, such as the Asian American Advertising Federation. Benefits of joining such an organization include access to certification exams, resources, internships, mentorship, and conferences. For marketing manager roles, you may be asked questions about your leadership potential. To prepare, you might reflect on experiences when you managed an intern, a project, or the creative brief process at a former job. Or, you can focus on an area such as digital marketing or social media marketing.

The marketing manager will likely conduct tests with intended audiences to ensure that the final marketing plan will drive the most revenue before implementation. This may take the form of focus groups, personal modeling, or consumer interviews. Below, we’ll go over what a marketing manager is, what a marketing manager does, the management process, and the skills and education you’ll need to become one.

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