How to Cope With Job Search Depression by Elaine C Curated Careers

Bad managers are never satisfied, setting impossible goals and then punishing people for not accomplishing them. Instead, set reasonable weekly goals for networking, researching, or applying for jobs. Reward yourself for accomplishing your goals or doing something difficult.

why job searching is depressing

Whether it’s a toxic boss or workplace bullying, it’s essential that you surface the source of your work depression to understand which effective solutions to implement. To accomplish this, consider some of the following ideas aimed at helping solve workplace depression. If your job is making you depression and job search feel depressed, but you can’t quit, here are some techniques to help you find some equilibrium at work. 12) The realization that you might be depressed and not knowing how to manage the depression. 1) Loss of control – sudden, traumatic change of having a great job one day and no job the next.

Identify What Makes You Feel Depressed

Believing they don’t deserve better can be easy for people with low self-worth. Evaluating your financial situation realistically and investigating alternative career choices before you take any drastic action can help you feel more prepared for a change. Many things can cause unhappiness in a job, and the trend is only worsening over time.

If you don’t get that dream job you applied for, have a plan ready to pick yourself up. Focus on what you can learn from the experience rather than feeling rejected. And when you don’t meet them, you’ll only harbor more mental and physical stress, as well as burnout and physical exhaustion. One of the biggest reasons for job search depression is the financial pressures. If you have any doubt about whether job search depression is real or not, consider this.

Job Search Depression; What it is & How to Deal with it?

Dr. Tracey Marks, a psychiatrist in Atlanta, Georgia, says being a poor fit for your job is probably one of the biggest factors. If the thought of your job makes you feel emotionally flat, exhausted, worthless, and unproductive, you might have depression. Looking to stay connected to the social-impact space during a job search? Matthew Fox, the acclaimed theologian and activist who wrote The Reinvention of Work, says, “Our work is meant to be a grace.

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